Be independent with portable EV charger

With purchasing of portable EV charger for electric cars and plug-in hybrids you can charge at any place that has a shuko or industrial euro contact. This way you become independent of the stationary chargers and you can travel safely without worrying about where and how you will recharge. Thanks to its compact size and weight, our chargers can be anywhere with you by stowing it in the boot of the car without taking up space and hindering you.

Faster charging and more functionality

Despite the small size of the case, mobile charging stations allow charging from 2.2 kW single phase (10 amps) to 22 kW three-phase (32 amps). Almost all factory charging cables from the shuko are limited to 10-12 amps charging current and charging an electric car with a higher battery capacity takes a lot of vehemence.

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Portable EV Chargers