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Types of charging cables

The cable is a mandatory part for charging electric cars and hybrid vehicles. You need to know in detail the different parameters of the types and mods of charging cables. This will ensure that your electric car will always be charged and ready for the road. Mode 2 charging Подходящ е за домашно зареждане и винаги 1 бр. е включен в цената на електрич …

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Electric vehicles
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Volkswagen I.D Neo

The Volkswagen I.D. Neo is an electric car based on the MEB platform and part of the I.D. Series. It was first shown as a prototype at the September 2016 Paris Motor Show. A production vehicle based on this prototype will be launched in 2020. It will be one of five new Volkswagen brand models based on the MEB platform. The base I.D. will have a 48 k …

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