Electric car charging station set Legrand 059030 + 090470

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Promo set electric car charging station for the home with charging socket Legrand Green Up.
Including codes: 059030 + 090470

Charging station for electric vehicles Legrand 059030, Green Up Premium

  • Plastic single-phase charging stations – Modes 2 and 3
  • IP 44 – IK 08
  • Wall mounting charging stations to be equipped with pedestal Cat.No 0 590 52 for fixing to the ground
  • 3,7/4,6 kW – 16/20 A
  • For charging 1 vehicle
  • For charging all electric vehicles (equipped with single-phase and three-phase chargers) and plug-in hybrids in Mode 2 or Mode 3 in complete safety. Compliant with standards IEC 61851-1 and 61851-22.
  • Charging station power can be adjusted with adapted protection devices and power supply circuits. Local wireless communication via embedded Bluetooth for configuration and control of charging station via smartphone or tablet using the IOS or Android compatible app.
  • Available functions: changing station status, daily charging program, charging station activation/deactivation, power management, firmware updates
  • Application additional functions: weekly changing program, consumption monitoring with cloud storage for data, status notification
  • Remote wireless IP communication with communication kit Cat.No 0 590 56
  • Equipped with:
    • a 2P+E socket with Green Up Access safety shutter featuring the innovative Green’up system, a Legrand Group technology which activates “maximum power” mode, ensuring fast, safe charging for 2P+E plugs (Mode 2)
    • a 3P+N+E (T2S) Type 2 socket with blanking plates (single-phase or three-phase operation) with pilot wire (Mode 3).
  • Connected and protected from the electrical panel via 1 protected dedicated line (2 dedicated lines for 2-vehicle charging station).
  • Off-peak control option via contactor, clock, and switch (volt-free contact input 12 V=).
  • Remote ON/OFF control option (volt-free contact input 12 V=).

Charging socket for electric vehicles Legrand 090470

  • Ready to install kit – 16 A EV
  • Allows creating a safe infrastructure for electric and hybrid vehicle charging, using Mode 2 (or Mode 1) charging cables.
  • Suitable for residential and workplace use
  • Power supply directly from the electrical panel:
    – 1 dedicated line 3 x 2.5 mm² cable, protected with one RCBO (one line per socket)
  • The kit contains:
    -1 heavy duty German standard Green’up Access plastic socket, with flap cover, IP 55 – IK 08 – 16 A – 230 V – 16 A EV, 6 mm² screw terminals, according to IEC 60884-1, NF C 61-314, VDE 620-1
    -1 base for hanging up the vehicle charging cable control box
    – 1 RCBO 20 A, C curve, 30 mA, Hpi type Cat.No 4 107 54
  • The use of a surge protective device is recommended
  • Recommended installation height: between 0.80 and 1.20 m from the floor



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