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Beautiful, reliable and secure. Electric cars are the future. In addition to a natural evolution in the automotive world, they are also one of the most important measures to combat climate change that our civilization needs to implement. Our priority should be to let our children and grandchildren bequeath a cleaner and green planet.

Dear Customers, We are glad that our team offers quality chargers for electric cars, along with complementary parts and accessories. From our online store, you can order cheap home or public chargers for different manufacturers that we distribute.

  • Mode 1

    Mode 1

    Method for light vehicles
  • Mode 2

    Mode 2

    temporary AC method
  • Mode 3

    Mode 3

    day-to-day charging
  • Mode 4

    Mode 4

    fast DC charging

What advantages will you get using an electric car?

  • 01

    They are cheaper

    Purchasing an electric car in the long term is a perfect investment. Compared to petrol or diesel, electricity is cheap. You get a longer warranty and you will not have to change belts, oils and other consumables.
  • 02

    Home charging

    Imagine never going to a petrol station again. Simply plug your car in when you get home to charge overnight and it’s ready for you in the morning.
  • 03

    No Emissions

    Electric cars are 100 percent eco-friendly as they run on electrically powered engines. It does not emit toxic gases or smoke in the environment as it runs on the clean energy source.
  • 04

    Safe to Drive

    Electric cars are subjected to the same tests as other fuel powered cars. In case an accident occurs, one can expect airbags to open up and electricity supply to cut from battery.
  • 05

    Tax savings and incentives

    The Governments around the world are actively encouraging drivers to switch to electric cars, vans and trucks. There are significant tax incentives for making the switch to electric cars.
  • 06

    Quiet and quick

    Electric cars put a curb on noise pollution as they are much quieter. Electric motors are capable of providing the smooth drive with higher acceleration over longer distances.

Our charging stations are compatible with all electric car brands


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Home charging from

Home charging from

  • Charging station for home
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Public point from

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Spare parts

  • Cables
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  • Wall-mounting elements
  • Communication kits
  • Electric cars accessories
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